How To Create Youtube Channel In Mobile

How To Create Youtube Channel In Mobile | Make Money On youtube

Today we are going to learn how to create youtube channel in mobile Bangla 2021. if you are don’t know how to make a youtube channel so this video for you. In this video, I have guided you on how to create a youtube channel in mobile Bangla 2021 and make money online.

At first need, a new Gmail account for the youtube channel so create your fresh Gmail account then go to chrome browser and open youtube then click the Gmail icon and new youtube channel created.

From your channel dashboard, click Customize channel. You’ll notice three tabs layout, Branding, and Basic info. These three tabs will help you optimize your channel for viewers. Start by clicking Basic info.

Here’s where you’ll enter some basic information about your channel, like the language your videos are in, as well as a description that helps people discover your channel when they enter search terms that describe what videos they’re looking for.

How To Create Youtube Channel In Mobile

These keywords can include what your channel is about, the problems it helps solve, the people and products featured, your industry, and more.

Then step by step we will learn, youtube channel’s full setup, the youtube channel verifies, the youtube channel two-step verification, and many more, etc. Those who want to start a youtube journey on mobile Them will help with this video.

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